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“Zack” Shane Hewitt Founder & Development

Welcome to Give GC! I started “Gift Cards for Christmas” in 2015 on my radio show in Calgary.  It was a great success, and it was over.  I wanted to do more, and do it again, but I was stuck. In the summer of 2018, in separate conversations with my trusted friends Chad McCormick and

Chad McCormick

Written by Shane: Chad an I met through business, and a random cold contact.  A sales team member from my company reached out to his, and we met.  Instantly, I had a new friend.  Working as individuals in business ended, and our priority became helping each other succeed.  Chad is smart, and inquisitive.  Seems to

Mark Flaman

Written by Shane: Mark and I met by chance at a course in 2018.  In a room of almost 200 people, random numbers put us in a study group and we’ve made fast friends.  Mark lives in Saskatoon, and that says a lot that he’s working to help and support Give GC from afar when


Scott Frank

Written by Shane: I’ve known Scott for a long time now.  He is one of the kindest, smartest and generous men I’ve ever met.  He’s an amazing Dad, loving husband and is dedicated to being the best Scott he can be for the world.  Scott is a natural leader, and he’s always learning.  Scott takes

Angie Kuemper

Written by Shane: Angie and I also met in a class.  2 of them, actually, and her kindness that she applies to building a team and her natural leadership skills are inspiring.  A mom of triplets, Angie is able to handle anything! She is driven in her professional career, and has kindly agreed to oversee



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