Gift Cards for Christmas

We have all said that we “want” to do more to help others, and there is a place we’ve forgotten about that can do so much “more”. Please take a deep dive into the bottom of your purse, in your top drawer or wherever you save those gift cards you’ve been given. Do you remember what’s even in that pile? Give GC asks you donate those forgotten, unknown value, partially used and new Gift Cards, and we’ll do “more” with them by helping others in our community.

Give GC asks you to look at giving a little differently. Each year, more money is spent on Gift Cards, than the year before.  Some statistics state that up to 10 to 25% of Gift Cards go unspent each year.  In Canada, some reports say that $44 BILLION was invested on various types of Gift Cards each year, and of that $1 BILLION was not spent at the end of the year.  Give GC stands in the belief that we can re-purpose that $1B for good.  Here’s the best part, 100% of all Gift Cards donated gets gifted-forward to those in need.


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Be part of the giving revolution and help Give GC re-purpose every partially used, unknown value gift card we can find to people in your community that could use a hand up.

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  • I was nominated for this amazing project a few years back. I’m not sure I can express how truly helpful it was at that time in my life. I was able to buy groceries, I was able to afford Christmas gifts for families because of this gift, I was even able to buy a few things for Toy Mountain. It was important to me to be able to give back a little to those in need. For me receiving this package truly was like an angel showing up at my door. I am forever grateful.

    Ms S


Participate with Give GC! We are enrolling some amazing humans to impact change!

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